What’s Been Going On All Summer?

BGBC Crossroads meets all summer long.  If you take a look at our lesson summaries, you may notice that things haven’t been updated since Lent.  So, has Crossroads just fallen off the face of the earth?


All summer long we have been walking through a series called “cover to cover” where we started in Genesis 1 and have been walking through the major events of the Bible.  You’ve heard people talk about taking a 5,000ft view or a 10,000ft view of an issue… well, this is a 60,000ft view of the Bible.  The objective is to give students the context to the Bible that is often lacking when just listening to children’s stories at vacation Bible school or at a camp.  By the end of the summer, we’ll be caught up to the birth of Jesus and ready to ring in a new year!

If you want to keep track of where we are, check us out Wednesdays between 6-8PM and make sure to follow our social media accounts on Facebook and the Gram!

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