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Save the Generation is a blog dedicated to both students and to those who serve students as youth leaders, workers, volunteers, or just people who relate to the issues facing our youth today.  There isn’t any grand mission or vision associated with this site; this blog is simply here to document the author’s journey towards becoming a stronger leader in the church and the lessons that we impart to our teens.


This blog is dedicated to those who shaped who I am today and to those who are still active participants in my life as both a spiritual servant and church leader.  A special thanks goes out to Olivia Perry who brought me back into youth ministry back in spring of 2012 and gracious supported me as I started serving Bowling Green Baptist Church as student ministries coordinator (AKA “youth leader”) in January 2014.  I also wanted to offer a special thanks to Paige Carter who is responsible for introducing me to student ministry and continuously providing support to my personal ministry journey through peaks and valleys.  Last, but definitely not least, my parents Brad and Ginger Pack are the source of everything there is good in me today.  My mother taught me to enthusiastically go after whatever I feel called to do with determination and passion.  My father taught me to pursue scriptural and theological knowledge and to apply that knowledge through how I live and how I serve, not just the things I say.

All of these individuals have been key to my current position in the church and who I currently am as a servant of God.  Thank you all and I hope that whatever you see in this blog would make you proud knowing that you inspired someone to live for something bigger than who they are as an individual.

About the Author

Joseph (author) and Meredith (Joseph's better half) Pack
Joseph (author) and Meredith (Joseph’s better half) Pack

My name is Joseph Pack and I am a full-time engineer and part-time lay-worker at Bowling Green Baptist Church, currently serving as the student ministries coordinator, or the equivalent of what most churches call a “youth leader”.  My ‘ministry career’ as a servant in the church started in 2010, at the age of 23, when I was nominated to serve in BGBC’s ‘transition committee’ which focused on the administration of the church coming out of a period of turmoil.  I then began working with, and eventually assumed the role of youth leader, for BGBC’s youth program for the fall semester of 2010.  During this time, I also accepted and was ordained as a deacon in the church and served a three year term ending in October 2013.

During my initial forays into student ministry, I experienced a lot of ‘teachable moments’ ranging from my own ideas of what student ministry entails to understanding the always-changing social and pop-culture dynamic of working with teens.  After 6 months of working with the students, I stepped away from my volunteer role.  Two years later, in Spring 2012, another youth leader approached me about working with the teens.  Eventually this grew into a larger role, eventually resulting in me assuming leadership of the student ministry a second time in January 2014.  During this time, I began more rigorously researching current student ministry trends and reading books from credible authors on administrative and ministerial aspects of operating a student ministry program.  In December 2014, I was asked to step aside to transition the youth to a different ministry team and to focus in other areas of service to the church.  Though personally disappointing, I have always held a strong conviction to trust in how God works through our clergy and this time of being asked to step aside tested both that belief and also my own frame of mind to trust that God has a larger plan that I may not understand.  In May 2016, I was approached by representatives from the student ministry, deacons, and the newly appointed head pastor at BGBC regarding again leading student ministries.  After prayerful consideration and discussions with my wife, Meredith, I decided that if I truly felt called to serve our teens then I was obligated to again accept the position.  I consider myself blessed and humbled to continually have the opportunity to serve Bowling Green Baptist Church and the teens of Caroline County.

Six months into my second stint as a youth leader, I started this blog to document my own personal journey as a maturing spiritual leader to teens and to keep myself accountable for what was taught to the teens by allowing the public to view lesson summarize and thoughts on a variety of spiritual subjects.  It’s a scary thing to put what you believe out there for everyone to see and sometimes to critique.  However, Christ’s message isn’t one of secrecy that’s meant to be hidden; Christ instructs us through the great commission to go out and make disciples.  How can we make disciples if we don’t openly discuss what God reveals to us through life and through the scriptures?

If you are reading this blog, it is my sincere hope that you’ll read everything here as honest, sincere, and real reflection on what God is doing in all of our lives and what He can do.  I am very cautious of the dangers that ‘fake’ Christianity and theology pose.  Above all, I want our community’s students to know that real people are out there that truly do believe and live the things we talk about on Sundays.  I want them to understand that Christ isn’t just a concept that we read about in leather-bound books.  He lives in each and every one of us and through His power we can all have life more abundant.

If you would like to contact Joseph, you may do so via e-mail.