3/21/2018 Message: What’s Your Testimony?

The following are the notes from this week’s CROSSROADS lesson.  Words in bold identify key phrases from notes pages handed out each week.  If you would like copies of our slides, please feel free to reach and request them.  As these are from the notes pages for each week, please excuse any typos or grammatical errors.

This lesson is part of a series called “What Does It Mean To Be A Christian”.  To see an overview of this series, click HERE.

This week we paused to reflect on the last few lessons and asked the youth what their own personal testimonies were. A few youth had volunteered to give their testimonies ahead of time, but many responded. We have a strong policy that whatever is discussed in youth is private and we don’t want to betray that trust… but… I’ll assure everyone that the entire evening really blew the ministry team away. Many of our youth sit at different stations in life; some are still trying to comprehend what it means to make adult decisions and barely realize that one day they will be responsible for their own lives while others are actively struggling with real-world situations. God is at work in these students and their testimonies only re-affirmed how critical the involvement of Christian adults, mentors, and parental figures are.

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