2016 Close-Out and 2017 Planning

2016 Close-Out and 2017 Planning

The month of December came and went like a whirlwind.  I traveled to Hawaii for business and then down to North Carolina for the holidays.  When I got back to Virginia, we had a multi-church lock-in hosted by CROSSROADS that attracted over 70 students.  After the month of December, I needed a break… as evidenced by my blog activity.

CROSSROADS youth has still met and grown even though posts haven’t appeared on the site.

The entire Fall 2016 semester focused on a single theme: Who is Jesus and what is the story of his ministry.  We started with the prophecies in Isaiah that foretold the coming of a Messiah and ended with the reception of the Holy Spirit.  This unit helps lay the groundwork for fundamental Christian beliefs that most Christians have heard weekly or daily since they were young.  We built on that knowledge by expanding the subjects discussed in the Gospels and relating that to our personal lives.

In Spring 2017, we will move into a unit I am calling ‘Churchy Things’.  Each week we will look at something that most of us talk about on a regular basis but may never stop to ask ourselves if we really know what it means or how to apply it to our lives.  Our first lesson of the year was on ‘second chances’ and was technically not a part of this study.  Some of the questions I received during this message are what inspired this unit.  While the last unit used our Bible Studies for Life curriculum from 2015, this will be personally researched.

To that end, similar to how I summarize each message on this website, I will be compiling my lessons into a book that I am titling ‘Churchy Things: Discovering the ‘So What’ in common church phrases and ideas.’  I haven’t even begun to look into how to get something like this printed or published because to me it’s not about the product: it’s about the message.  At the conclusion of this study, I’ll look into finding a way to package these materials and get them out to anyone else who may have questions about the various ‘churchy things’ they discuss on a regular basis.

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